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About Us

Pizzeria Mandara & Ristorante is a Southern style Italian restaurant in Wyckoff, New Jersey—located in The Boulder Run shopping center. Serving authentic Southern Italian cooking and New York-style pizza, our menu draws its inspiration from our beautiful hometown of Positano, Italy and the dishes we enjoy around our family table.  

You can always expect fresh local and quality imported ingredients, along with a warm atmosphere and  high standard of hospitality.

La Famiglia si fa la tavola (the family is made at the table)—Italian proverb.

In Italy, pizzerias are a place where family and friends gather for more than just a slice and a soda—it is a place where people come together for good food, good conversation and a good time. At Pizzeria Mandara, our mission is to embrace the feeling that is reminiscent of those pizzerias you’d find walking the cobblestone streets of Positano. Between the mountains and the sea, where everyone is treated like family and share in the simple pleasures of life. 

Here a dish of pasta can cure almost any problem and there can never be too many chairs around the table.

Gathering to share a meal around the table is what has come to define our way of life. It is where we share endless stories and traditions. It is what keeps our family close, reminds us where we come from and where we wish to go.

Our food is simple, satisfying and best shared with family and friends. 

Eat together. Enjoy life together.....Welcome to Pizzeria Mandara…we invite you to join us at our table.

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